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Our 1,000 yard range is now open!

Attention: Long Range Qualification Day on May 7th at 1 pm. For more questions, please see the Long Range Shooting Page.


Granby Bow and Gun Club, Inc. April 4, 1947

Welcome to all our members of the Granby Bow and Gun Club, incorporated on April 4, 1947 as the Chicopee Rod & Gun Club as a member-run and member-owned club.


As most people know, new year, new goals and new faces! First, welcome back to our loyal and present membership; thanks for continuing to be part of our unique family here. Second, to our new members……. WELCOME TO THE GRANBY BOW & GUN CLUB!!!


You have just joined a club that values traditional shooting sports, traditional beliefs and the unique heritage of our club. We have an extensive indoor and outdoor archery programs and competitions, five shooting bays for pistols and a beautiful rifle range out to 1,000 yards plus. We have active pistol, rifle and air gun shooting competitions to include:


  • Precision Rimfire and Centerfire Rifle

  • Steel Wall Pistol

  • United States Practical Shooting Association

  • and others


on 278 picturesque acres in the rural area of Granby, Massachusetts on 85 Chicopee Street, Granby, MA  01033.


For more information contact Andre Mercier, President at Members’ meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. and we look forward to seeing you there.


Welcome and enjoy!

The Board of Directors, GBGC

Long Range Rifle Schedule 

Long Range October - Nov.png

Note that the scheduled range times for the upper and lower ranges will alternate monthly.  

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