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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I buy a membership?

    • You go to GRANBYBOWANDSGUN.CLUB and pick either Family, Family with Guest Membership, Single, Single with Guest membership, and renewals of the same.

    • You need to pay via a charge card and PayPal.

    • You need to have an email and snail mail address to receive your card. It will take about 7 business days.

  • Where are the rifle and archery ranges?

    • The archery ranges are indoor and outdoor. The indoor is opened 24/7. You must use your code to get in. The outside trails are to the left side as you look at the club house.

    • The Rifle/Pistol Ranges are on the right as you come in the parking lot. There is a hill to the right of the entrance. Up the hill to the left is the range for the pistols. There is a parking lot at the top. You can use the Lower Rifle Range (LRR) when there is nobody at the Middle or Upper Ranges. Those ranges require certification.

    • Certification requires a Safety Class and Instruction. You become certified when YOU can demonstrate a skill, AND have completed long distance shooting classes to shoot the further ranges such as the 500 and 1,000 yd ranges. The club charges a premium for this privilege due to upkeep.

    • All rifles, pistols and air guns need to be treated as ‘live’. READ all the safety rules on top of hill on yellow board.

  • How long is membership?

    • Memberships exist from January 1st, until December 31st of the same year.

  • When are the club meetings?

    • All membership meetings, outside of special or emergency meetings, are the 2nd Tuesday at 7 p.m. of each month. Nominations for the Board of Directors is in November; Elections are in December at the last yearly meeting.

  • Can I bring guests?

    • You can bring one guest one time only with your membership, but, you must be responsible for that guest. If you add a ‘Guest Membership” to your package, you can bring whomever you wish as a guest (only one at a time), as often as you wish. You are responsible for this guest and both must wear their card where it is visible. 

  • What does the club require of its members?

    • Have your membership card visible at all times. We suggest wearing it on hat, shirt, gear, etc. You may want to place it in a license holder and pin it. We are a member run club; therefore, your participation is important. Attending Member meetings, volunteering on work crews, and other club activities require members to act in a proper manner. Excessive cursing, hate speech, or other poor behaviors can result in expulsion of member or sanctioned actions by the BODs. 

  • If I see unsafe things happening, what do I do? 

    • All members need to be safety conscious at all times. Unsafe behaviors can cause people to be sanctioned by the board or expelled from the club. If you see something and feel uncomfortable about talking with the other person, please call the numbers listed on the club house to report it. If and emergency happens, call 911 immediately. The address is: 85 Chicopee Street, Granby, MA. Up the hill at the right of the club entrance.

  • Where do I get minutes of the meeting?

    • They will be posted in the main club house once voted on during a meeting with a quorum.

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