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All renewals will be automatically processed 30 days before renewal. We utilize autopay for these transactions so a Credit card will be on file in your profile for this transaction. 


New member initiation fee:

Every new member will be charged a new member or initiation fee of $100 and is included in the posted fee. 

Long-range Membership:

Long Range memberships will be billed to the member once certification is completed. Once achieved it will be renewed 30 days before expiration. 


Membership Downgrade:

If a member wants to downgrade membership, they must notify No later than 60 days before renewal. 


Family or Spousal Memberships:

Only the primary member will register for these memberships. After registration, please email the names of your spouse and family members and include names and emails.  They will need to register after we create the family account. 


Discounted Memberships:

To be eligible for discounts approved by the board applicable documentation must be emailed to The discount will be applied to your account and redeemable upon renewal. 

Military / Veteran: Id Card, DD214, VA id 

Law Enforcement: LEOSA card or current ID. 

First responder: EMT / Paramedic Certification issued within the past 48 months, Retiree ID card. 


How to become a long-range member?:

Path 1 

Register for a Long-Range certification class and pass the practices.  The instructor will notify the membership committee of your certification.   

Path 2 

Coordinate with training pertaining to existing credentials. i.e., PRS membership, LE experience, Military experience.  Training has the final decision on all applications.  



To purchase a membership please click the link at the bottom. Once you create your account please go to the upper left corner and select “buy>membership” 








Purchase Membership Here 

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